Greetings colleagues!


We’re ever so glad you reached out to us for information on our continuing ed seminar program! 


Don’t let the levity throw you off.  We aim to find that fine balance in learning where you acquire relevant knowledge and strengthen skills and are simultaneously entertained. High level hands-on learning doesn’t have to be a yawn.


We are pleased to offer a year-round comprehensive compliance program of interesting and fun colleague worthy affordable instructor led live webinars, as well as non-instructor led multiple choice seminars for interpreters of ALL LANGUAGES.


The APS Program includes an array of materials composed of entertaining exercises for one and all to learn and enjoy! In addition to our English seminars, we offer a language specific non-instructor led seminar in Spanish.


Do read on for a sneak peek of our program. But, to truly experience it… Well, you’ll just have to join us!

and the APS Crew at your service
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