The Pie Story…
You may be asking yourself, who are these Pie People, anyway?
And… what’s the deal with the Pies?
American Pie Seminars was founded in 1998 by Tensi (Hortensia) Torres-Comas, a Los Angeles based Spanish interpreter who saw too many of her colleagues struggling with American idioms.  A fellow interpreter asked her to do a seminar on idioms and slang.  That sounded like fun.  So, she got her multi-color paper worksheets in apple pie order and CIMCE# 654 was born in California as a three hour evening seminar. 
We named it American Pie inspired by mom, apple pie, and all things American (way, way before the movie!) since we originally envisioned it as an “Americanization tool” for non-native English speaker interpreters. 
Soon, however, native English speakers wanted some Pie.  And, Pie they got!  We diversified the seminars a bit, expanded into other topics, and… Voilà!  CIMCE 654 self-pollinated into a whole bunch of other fruity and nutty numbers. 
We look forward to many fun Pie-filled seminars and hope the pollination continues. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Angela Mc Ewan who held my hand and was my native English speaker resource in the early years.  But, in particular, and in a super really big way, I’d like to thank all you Pie Veterans who’ve made our Pie Seminars the venue Where learning meets fun… for all languages!
Merci to one and all!
aka The Pie Lady
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