Instructor Led Live Online Webinars 2020
WebBuzz.6   Buzzwords,Jargon,Acronyms,and Neologisms   (3 hours)   
March 3, June 16, August 12(3:45 p.m) September 22, November 10             5:45 p.m. Pacific Time 

Ah… idioms! New slang, old slang.  How can sick be cool... or gross?  Baffled? Welcome to American English!  This one’s a doozy… and a lot of fun!


WebLex.6    Legal Stuff... Just for Us Terps!                (3 hours)    
March 17, June 23, September 29, November 17                                          5:45 p.m. Pacific Time

Do you at times feel uncertain about what a legal term really means? Does legal slang stump you?  Does Latin make you sort of dizzy? No worries.  We’ve got you covered!  Join us for a sure cure of leges vertigo… in large print and plain English!


WebEthics.6  Our Own Canons and Scenarios                  (3 hours)      
March 31, July 14, (August 19 3:45 p.m), October 13, December 1                5:45 p.m. Pacific Time

This one sure gets lively!  Nothing like controversial ethics scenarios to get the virtual hackles and danders way up… in a truly good way.  Join us for some real and hypothetical thought-provoking what-would-you-do-if… and chime in!


WebRx.6      Medical Stuff... Just for Us Terps!             (3 hours)      
April 14, July 21, (August 26 3:45 p.m), October 20, December 8                 5:45 p.m. Pacific Time

Blood and gore, it isn’t.  Word!  This serious-minded yet hardly intense webinar aims to familiarize interpreters with health-specific terminology (a.k.a medical terms) in both their formal and informal versions.  We’ll mix in a fun syndromes and conditions, health-related neologisms, and selected body parts.  We promise it won’t hurt!


WebVocab.6   Those Pesky Foreign Englishes!                   (3 hours)       
April 28, July 28, October 27, December 15                                                  5:45 p.m. Pacific Time

So... English is English right? Or so you'd think. Join us in a fun explanation of "foreign" English as we introduce one and all to Aussie speak, Bayan Lingo, and Canuk talk... and we'll even throw in some British beauts just to spice things up! 

These webinars are approved by the ATA and the states of California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah,Washington, and Wisconsin.


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